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I was hoping you could help me. There are some things I would like through the wiccan lifestyle. I am a beginner and I am desperate. I am searching for two spells. one, to influence another person to see my side of things and two, to spiritually connect two people so they can communicate through a mind link. I have this person's consent I just can't find the spell. Please, I just want a second chance at my old school and I just want to fully connect with my friend please help.

Okay first off, beginners don't do spells of this calibre. Reason being if it blows up in your face, you don't have the knowledge to counteract it. And secondly, influencing another really is a dark magick, which I cannot help you with anyway.

With regards to the mind link.. it's a simple visualisation technique. Just sit in facing each other and visualise a link between your minds.. it takes a while and some practice, but eventually, it will work.

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