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is it possible to still do witchcraft if you don't believe in spirits/ghosts, etc? i'm a firm believer in the physical and natural world only with no spirits or anything like that. i've read that if you arent careful with magic, you could come possessed but i dont believe in any of that stuff either. i just believe in working with natural energy and that's it, your thoughts?

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Well. That's a tough one really.  Due to the Wiccan movement a lot of watered down witchcraft has become more and more mainstream. Witches have always worked with the dead and its a huge part of what I do. I go to my dead before I go to any god or nature any day and my magic works very well. Possession although not anywhere near as much as people say can happen. In the voodoo religion the practitioner deliberately becomes possessed by the entities it is working with. Ouija boards are my favorite spirit communication tools and I work with several demonic energies when I need them. I have never been possessed mainly cause I don't slow my body and mind to be In a weak place when I am doing that kind of work.

But all in all I suppose yes if you don't believe in spirits you can still do magic and practice witchcraft.  But I do say embrace the dead. They can literally be your best friend.  The witches book of the dead by Christian day is the pentacle book on working with the dead from the witches point of view. And just on a side note psychic self defense by dion fortune is we're I think all occult practitioners should start and mastering witchcraft by Paul huson is in my opinion the best book on witchcraft ever written

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