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I have a civil court case coming up. A very large bank is suing me for payment of a past credit card debt. While I don't deny that I owe them some money, I don't think that it is as much as they are claiming. I had a bad accident 4 years ago, and at the time paid them until my funds ran out.. I was unemployed for over a year and had no income, or very little income for the next 2 years after that. I am just getting on my feet .. am anxious that this will ruin everything I've worked hard to regain. It's a little over $1200 but I don't have that kind of money up front.. Is there something I can do to create the resources I need to pay this credit card company/bank and also to give me courage and 'presence' during the court appearance? Of course, it angers me that they are hassling me for this small sum when they are one of the banks that's just recently been 'bailed out'.. and that their hassling could lead to some serious consequences for me and my financial situation. Any advice?

Some things that may help...
Never throw away onions skins.  Save them up as you cook in a nice ceramic or crystal bowl in a place of honor, like your altar or a shelf with important decorations or heirlooms.  On the full moon, start a small fire in your BBQ or in any firesafe place.  Burn them one at a time saying;
Onions onions burning bright
Bring prosperity tonight.

When you have finished burning the onion skins, sit and mediate in front of the fire chanting
Money that is needed
Money that is speeded

As you meditate look into the flames and see yourself financially sound.  DO NOT see getting money, instead see already having money.  See life with the debt already paid and your life complete with what you need.
Hold this image as long as possible.  Let the fire burn out naturally.  The ashes need to be disposed of with respect, like taken out to the woods or poured into a river, strewn around your garden.  If you throw them away you are killing the magic.  

Also when doing any type of magic faith is the most important element.  You must believe the Goddess and the Universe will help you and trust that whatever happens is in your best interest.

Something you could add to this spell.  Get a cup of sesame seeds and put them into a nice ceramic, crystal or glass bowl.  At the beginning of the meditation phase put the bowl in your lap.  Drop in three silver coins - real silver, not silver colored.  During the meditation and chanting keep running your fingers through the coins and seeds.  After the ritual keep this in the kitchen.  

Before you go to court find a healthy and prolific marigold bush.  Explain your problems to the plant and ask it to help you get a ruling in your favor.  Cut - don't rip - seven blossoms and put them in your pockets, then go to court with them.

Unfortunately we all have to deal with the world.  Best luck.  I would pick Fors Fortuna as the Goddess to pray to right now.

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