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I first want to thank you for making yourself available to people seeking knowledge like myself. I would like to know between the menstrual period how do we store the blood? Can I add salt to it? Will that change it's sacredness and use for ritual? I don't want it to become problematic, the odor or especially lose its use. Thanks!

Hi. Sorry for the delay. We're having a heat wave and the computer seems to be in the hottest corner of the house, and of course it gives off heat of its own.

You can keep blood in the the coldest part of the fridge for several weeks and you can freeze it longer than that, but I would thaw it and bring it to room temperature before using it. I would treat it like meat. Depending on how you're using it, if you are using it for offering for example, you could bake it into something. Just take precautions to keep things from becoming awkward with cookie-stealing housemates. That being said, it is best to use fresh and I have personally never had occasion to store it more than a day.

As to the salt; Salt is easily charged with whatever energy happens to be around. It's like a battery for all seasons. If you add salt you run the risk of adding whatever energy the salt has previously come in contact with. However, if the salt is purified, I would think it would simply enhance your work.  

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