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Good morning,

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out which path is right for me in the situation I must deal with... I want to start off by explaining that I have come into contact with a spirit whom I believe to be my soul-mate. Through contact with him I've learned we once knew each other in a past life, but sealed a deal in blood that went horribly wrong... it was the roman period; we wanted to escape from an oppressive life and tried making a deal with a demon that in exchange for safe passage we'd owe him our loyalty. Well, another disguised himself and took the place of the original, tricking us into pretty much selling our souls and in turn I was killed and my mate killed himself shortly after escaping... both our souls are tainted and I seek salvation, for both of us because he is still human although in an altered state... I made my own sigil and I believe I was able to contact communicate with the creator, whom abolished the deal we made, but the guilt hasn't left and I feel that was really the only thing I was able to accomplish.. the conversation was short lived and I don't feel any comfort or peace of mind... I apologize if this sounds bazaar but I am not sure what to do to help cleanse myself... I was considering a baptism but I do not want to sit through a year's worth of classes I don't fully believe in just to be baptized and be involved in a community I don't feel connected to... I do have faith in the creator and "higher being" but I also believe in all forms of spirits; anywhere from animal to mystical, astral, nature, and just pure energies. I believe that living in accordance with nature brings balance and harmony and that karma plays a big role in what type of energies follow you. But I also have a strong belief in metaphysics, so I'm not even sure if that all fits in one category or if I'm just picking and choosing... Christian churches are the only establishments I can find in my area but if there is another way to purify myself  or even join a group that can help me, I wish for nothing more than that opportunity... Thank you so much for your help and honesty, I just don't know where else to turn; I couldn't feel further from a straight-forward answer right now...

Hello Fiona,

There ARE people who feel and believe as you do. Many people, in fact it i the fastest growing religion in the USA. This religion is a "general" religion that is for individuals who like yourself are ore spiritual than religious. It allows for individuals to explore their own spirituality in a safe, warm, community. This is Wicca. Our group, Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks ATC is a Wiccan Church that is open to any individual who is connected to nature and feels energy regardless of what they call it.

I do not know where you are located but would like t continue this conversation in private.

Also, I am a professor of the Woolston Steen Theological Seminary, ( and we have individuals just like you from all over the world. Please contact me here privately or at and we can help you find people in your area that can assist you and help you to feel connected to your fellow seekers all over the world.

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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