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QUESTION: Hi Labyrinth

I am looking for some advice on overcoming the confusion I feel with regard to what I should be doing in life.I feel that I live in the wrong place,hang around with people who drain me and spend my days doing a job that is totally unsuited to me.I think that in some ways I am claircognizant in that I can often predict future outcomes.The irony is that I cant seem to do it in relation to important parts of my own life.However I do feel that there is something I should be doing but I can't quite put my finger on it.Its very very frustrating like something is constantly niggling in the back of my mind but I cant make it out.

I have tried "real world"investigation into what I should do i.e. career counseling etc with no real results.
In the past year I have dabbled in finding the answer spiritually.I am more of a spiritual person than a religious one although I was brought up christian.I've tried prayer,meditation, communicating with angels,folk saints and spells(very amateurishly).I have definitely received help from these sources with regard to everyday problems like money for bills etc but I seem to draw a blank when I ask for clarity on my general situation.I do believe in the power of thoughts to bring real world results but I find it hard to meditate on a concept so vague and general as my career/life path/location.

So I guess what I'm asking is have you any suggestions as to how I might proceed?Are there any spells/spirits/deities that are particularly helpful in this area that I should look into or should I be getting a tarot/numerology reading.Any help or guidance that you can give me would be much appreciated.

ANSWER: Please send me your complete birthdate.  Everyone is born into a certain life path energy.  This energy cycles in various ways.  We have a general purpose at birth and then large cycles of several years have additional focus and birth year cycles also give us a certain focus.  Perhaps you are trying to concentrate on the wrong things at the wrong time.  Let me do a life path energy check for you.

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QUESTION: Thanks for taking the time to consider my question.My birthdate is the 26th June 1979.

You have 4 as a Personality number and 4 as a Soul number.
This means your life is ruled by the Emperor Card in the Tarot.  You might want to get one you find attractive and keep it on your altar.  
The Emperor develops energies associated with power and leadership.  You may find people push you into leadership roles even when you donít want to be there.  You probably have a strong desire to be in a leader ship position in your career and working towards that goal should be successful if you do it in the right growth cycles.   This energy is also related to inspiration and motivation.  You should be able to source this energy easily, unless you are fighting against it.  People often rebel against natural energy when they think it is taking them in a direction they donít want to go.   This is the energy the universe gave you at birth.  You need to own it.   Own your power and authority and donít give it away or let people take it.
Emperor energy is also patriarchal.  This means you may have father issues.  Perhaps your father was a marvelous man and shaped who you are.  But maybe if the relationship was bad it created rifts in your life path energy that is causing problems.  
It is important that you surround yourself with strong people, especially when you need to work with them.  It is easily to become bored or impatient with people who do not have the same drive as you do.
This energy comes with creativity, vision and dreams and the ability to see them through.  Donít let yourself down by ignoring these gifts.
Fire is your element.  You are warm, vital, nurturing, and embrace a meaningful challenge.  
You are currently in growth cycle 11, which is Strength and Lust.
From now until your birthday in 2014 you should concentrate on the aspects of this growth cycle.  This is a year for tackling old problems that you have let sit for too long.  It is a year that you must renew something that you used to be passionate about, something you miss, especially if it is a physical passion, like painting, extreme sports or a love relationship.  Find spiritual balance and the find something about natural that is awe inspiring to bring that passion back into your appreciation for the world.  You must do something creative to fulfill your soul.  Leo people are good to be around this year.  If you are spiritually balanced you should have an almost unlimited amount of personal strength to tap on this year.  
Last year you were supposed to take a new path, choose an unexpected opportunity, or develop in a new way.  Taking an unexpected opportunity or trying a completely new job, or something like this would have allowed to access an energy of abundance in your life.  Being rigid or inflexible last year could have turned off your cycle of fortune.  This may be giving you residual problems as you enter this year.   It was a year of luck and gain if you were open to it.   If you resisted, you could be facing financial hardship now because of it.

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