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QUESTION: Since the age of 12, my daughter has been "lost" since spending time with her now ex-aunt.  When we relocated to be around family, this aunt instantly bonded with my daughter.  She had no children yet of her own was very sweet and pleasant to be around.  We soon found out that she practiced Wiccan which was not the problem but that we felt a 12 year old might get confused and preferred her to not include my daughter in her practices until she was old enough to make her own choices.  She continued anyway.  We had no idea that they were making cloaks, wands and chasing fairies in the forest.  It was very confusing for my daughter.  She also went a step further and introduced my daughter to some sexual situations that I would rather not get into to.  She never did touch or harm her.  This is when my daughter finally came to me and told me what had been going on over the past 7 to 9 months.  I was shocked because this was family that I loved and trusted.  My husband finally confronted his brother to put a stop to his wife once and for all.  It got messy and they did eventually divorce.  They had many marital problems but this just seemed to be the icing on the cake.  Clearly his wife had many problems and unfortunately, my daughter has never been the same.  She is now almost 23 years old and has never progressed from that point.  None of her relationships have been successful and ended in disaster.  She had to get her GED due to social disorders and learning disabilities which she had never had before meeting the ex-aunt.  She was on the honor roll at that time.  She has juvenile  diabetes and has never been able to get a grasp on taking care of herself as if she doesn't care what happens to her.  She cannot keep a job and loses interest in everything around her.  She abuses drugs and has often has violent outbursts out of frustration. She was the best kid in the world before she met this woman.  She was outgoing, smart, talented and too many more to list.  My mother recently treated her to a psychic reading with a very reputable man in our area.  The minute she walked into the room he immediately asked her if she ever practiced Wiccan.  She explained what had happened and then he informed her that this ex-aunt had put a spell on her and she should probably do a cleansing with meditation.  She was shocked but did not ask for clarification as they got into talking about many other things.  Like myself, she is not able to do a deep meditation and is frustrated as to what the next step is.  Please help me get my baby back!

ANSWER: Hey  there.   Okay just so I am sure. You are asking me  to lift a possible hex on your daughter and help her get her life straight again?  As well as what she can do to further her meditation techniques ?   Just want to be sure before I go further.

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QUESTION: I would very much appreciate your help with the hex as well as meditation techniques and helping her straighten her life out.
Thank you so much.

Okay. I want her to take a bath every night with a handful of kosher salt.  This will keep away any negativity that she has picked up through out the day.  

The hex, I doubt she is truly cursed, a Wiccan usually do not curse, however it's possible. So let's ward the house first.

Hang up Crossed coffin nails tied with red string tied nine times in a knot
Hang up 8 sided mirror
Kosher salt sprinkled throughout the house
4 camphor cubes in a bowl of water
Light a Michael the Archangel 7 day candle
Recite the Lords Prayer
Buy a cinnamon broom and hang on the front door
Wash front door with the home owners urine
Go through the house and ring a bell
Burn frankincense and myrrh incense

All of the above will keep your home untouchable. You can do any of them or all of them it doesn't matter.

Now let's see if this will make a difference first. I really think it will!  Give if a few weeks and notice how it changes for the better.  

Now on meditation. Pick up Sylva mind control or the Sylva method. These are very powerful tools of meditation and they will work for both of you!  I use it for my meditation and my magic   It changed how I do things and I promise you you will be amazed.  

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