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What is a Thunder being, and can a moose be a Thunder being?  It said it was in my vision.  It was a great giant moose with a thundering power while still eerily silent as a cloud.  It came right up to me and breathed on me, enveloping me in a fog of its breath.  What do you think this means?  I really appreciate your expert insight regarding this.  Thank you!

The thunder being stories I know come from the native Americans.  The spirits that control lightening are the thunder beings.  
Lightening usually is a warning or forecast of danger when seen in a dream.
I don't know any story that describes what thunder beings look like, so I can't say if a moose qualifies.  However, if the moose came to you in a dream or vision and said he was a thunder being I would tend to believe him.
Moose usually represent fearlessness and confidence, strong self esteem.  They also symbolize wisdom, but also contradiction.  They are huge but graceful, powerful but gentle parents...

If you want to start looking for messages here, start looking at ways you are behaving that contradict your normal behavior or are going against what spirit may want you to be doing.  If moose as thunder being wants you to pay attention, then you are probably going the wrong way somewhere.  To maintain your own personal strength and confidence you need to adjust something you are doing that goes against what you usually do, or what you know you should be doing.  

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