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Hello, I know someone who had been hexed and bound according to their story. I have suggested to this person on multiple occasions to have his chakra's balanced or at least some energy work to help his uneasieness in life. This person states that they are afraid if they are unbound in any way that spirits will haunt him as they had done previously and it would not be a good thing. As I am not an expert on the matter I wanted to get some advice by someone who knows more about it than I do. Would it be a good idea for this person to try to get unbound/balanced?


It is always unfortunate when situations as this one arise. The essential thing to remember is that in MOST cases binding occurs when an individual is open to allow it to occur. Most individuals have the ability to release themselves from a binding as any binding is counter to the true nature of the universal consciousness.

Balancing the individuals chakras is a good step to undo the damage that has occurred through the binding whether self imposed or imposed upon them from another. They can do this balancing themselves if they do not wish to have another do it for them.

Here is a technique he can use himself.

The Method

1st Chakra - Base - red - Earth - (mountains) - intone LAM LAM LAM
2nd Chakra navel - orange - Water - (ocean waves, water falls) - VAM VAM VAM
3rd Chakra Solar Plexus - yellow - (Fire ) - RAM RAM RAM
4th Chakra Heart - green - Air - ( breezes, wind) - YAM YAM YAM
5th Chakra Throat - lt blue - (Sky Universe) - HAM HAM HAM
6th Chakra Third Eye - blue - OM OM OM
7th Chakra Crown - pink - awareness

At this point one feels the Universal Consciousness without lifting us to connect
with the Universal Consciousness without.

Now, relax totally, our breathing now moves in a circle giving to the universe and receiving from the universe.

One feels they are naturally powering up, feeling the fresh life force coming into our physical body as light that illuminates us as we return it to the Universe.

The more one does this exercise, the more positive energy, (light) one stores and can share.

We also begin to be more balanced, hence less prone to dis-ease.

Bright Blessing,

Alfred Willowhawk

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