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I'm looking for a spell that is guaranteed to work for making a wish come true. I'm wanting to try a spell that will bring me to my soulmate or the right significant other without something bad happening in order for the wish to happen. Is there a spell for this? If so, what will I need for this spell and how is it to be performed?

Try this one:

To find Love:
On a waxing moon the day before full moon take two red candles – find nice pleasing red not an angry red.  Use a rose thorn to write your name on one of the candle and write “my own true love” on the other one.    Set them on opposite ends of your altar.  
Light your altar candles then the red candles.  As you light the one with your name on it say “Blessed Be this creature of fire and Blessed Be (say your name)”  then the other saying “Blessed Be this creature of fire that calls my true love”.  
Call down a love Goddess.  Ask her to find your true love.  Decorate the altar with flowers and burn a nice sweet floral incense like rose.  Meditate looking into the flames.  Feel happy and loved.  Don’t think about a love coming to you, think about the spell as already successful.  Hold this feeling a good 10-15 minutes.  Go about  your household business feeling loved and happy.  About an hour later go pinch out the candles – never blow them.
Repeat on full moon and the next day for a total of three days.  Gather all altar materials and discard them into a living water source.
Now you have to be nice to the people that are attracted to you.  Go out, get to know them.  It’s just dating…the one for you might not be the first one.  The Goddess will give you options.  

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