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QUESTION: What is some of the most effective methods for going into altered states of conciseness especially for someone who's not used to doing so and may struggle on past attempts?

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Many people have this difficulty. There are many good resources to help you achieve this altered state without resorting to artificial or chemical means. Learning to meditate well is one of the key steps.

Altered States are related to the chemical changes in our body when we convert melatonin to DMT in our bodies naturally. It is more subtle than using chemical and frankly illegal means in most locations, however they work just the same.

Shamans and other "travellers" use drums, rattles, or even some form of mild physical pain to assist their bodies in activating the necessary chemical processes to create DMT. The reason we want to encourage the production of DMT is this is the substance that assists in quieting our conscious mind so that the subconscious mind can become more active and hence produce the altered state consciousness.

The first steps in gaining this ability is to learn to be able to take "journeys" through guided meditations.

Here is a free resource - a course that I have on the internet - it takes about 45 minutes to go through it for the very first step. It is a class I gave on WizIQ called Meditation for Beginners

Class link

Secondly A good CD is Meditations for Life which has four sixteen minute guided meditations. You can get this by clicking here

Third, here is a link to an article - An Easy Meditation Technique - that will help

I suggest then going through these often and then use the technique to help you achieve this state at will.

Feel free to contact me here or on either of these websites:

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alfred willowhawk personal site

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QUESTION: This is just a short follow up. if melatonin is the precursor for DMT (i thought seratonin was the precursor?) then would things be easier if I took melatonin supplements or simply hang out in the dark more (which is when melatonin is produced)?


Both are involved and taking suppliments would put u to sleep really quickly. I do not encourage any usage of external means to obtain the altered state of consciousness. Training your brain through drumming, or sound is a better idea than adding chemicals or other substances to your body.

Doing so, can lead to usage of illegal methods of obtaining this state.



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