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QUESTION: Hi! What is the great candle color substituition for green candle? I want to perform a spell, but it requires green candle. I find it in department, supermarket and online stores in my country, but they don't have the green color candle here. the available candle color in my country are red, white, yellow, pink and violet.  Thanks!

ANSWER: That would depend on the kind of spell, there are many substitutions that can be used.  Can you attach a copy of the spell and I can better answer your question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Basic Money Botanicals Candle

You will need the following items for this spell:

*Green candle
*The following herbs (at least
Alfalfa, avocado,basil,cabbage,chamomile,chervil, clover, coriander, dill, five finger grass (cinquefoil), lettuce, mint, oakmoss, parsley, poppies, vervain.


Hold a green candle in your hands and charge it with your desire. Hollow out it's base, pack it full of the botanicals you chose and burn it.

I'd go with Yellow to add energy to the working since you don't have green.  

Color   Elemental Correspondence   Astrological Correspondence   Associated Chakra   Associated Body Parts   Magical Association
Red   fire   Aries, Scorpio, Mars influencing Saturn   Root   Bones, Teeth, nails, colon, prostate, rectum, blood   Passion, fire, courage, strength, power, joy, renewal, energy, health, motivation, desire, ambition, leadership, self-esteem, business deals, combat, confrontation, buying & selling, mechanical things, repairs, hunting

Pink   N/A   Venus, influencing Mars      Muscular systems   Personal success, self-love, personal harmony, friendship, calming, romance, harmony, passion, partnerships, getting a move on, physical energy, sex, action, exercise, surgery, buying, selling & adopting animals, gardening, woodworking, new beginnings, honor, morality, emotions, feminity, breast cancer, homosexuality, compassion, relaxation, infants

Orange   fire   Sun, Leo, Sagittarius   sacral   pelvis, kidneys, uterus, bladder, lymph, sperm, adrenalin, digestion   relieving depression, feelings of abandonment, increasing opportunities, happiness, mental alertness, breaking down barriers, material gain, kindness, sealing a spell, harvest, strength, dominance, legal matters

Yellow   air   Mercury, Taurus, Libra   solar-plexus   lower back, spine, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, digestion   Healing, friendship, increase productivity, remove negative thinking, increase creativity, inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, humility, intellect

Green   earth   Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer   heart   Upper back, spine, shoulders, breasts, heart, lungs, resperatory system, circulatory system   increasing love and trust, faeries, general healing, wellness, transformation, new beginnings, prosperity, money, career, employment, hope, immortality, rebirth, garden magic, herbal magic, fertility, luck, courage, change, peace, harmony, relationship success, beauty, soul mates, artistic ability, affection, partnerships, alliances, grace, luxury, social activity, marriage, decorating, cosmetics, gifts, income, gardening, gardeners, archetects, artists, cosmotologists, chiropractors, dancers, engineers, entertainers, fashion, models, designers, music, painting, poetry, courtship, dating, household improvements, planning events, shopping

Blue   Water   Jupiter, Moon, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces   throat   Neck, throat, thyroid, lungs, ears, mind   Increase wisdom, wealth, joy, opportunity, patience, peace, truth, loyalty, meditation, introspection, insight, happiness, fidelity, remove confusion, the ocean, elevation, calming, long distance travel, higher education, political power, social standing, dealing with foreign cultures/countries, religion, philosophy, forecasting, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, sports, horses, legal matters, doctors, guardians, merchants, police officers, psychologists, charity, self-improvement, research, studying, reading.

Violet/Purple      Mercury, Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Gemini, Sagittarius   Brow   Face, nervous system, upper resperatory system, bones, eyes, ears, pituitary gland, emotions   clarvoyance, relief of emotional hurt, spiritual protection, heal wounded pride, spirituality, wisdom, increasing psychic powers, meditatin, justice, forgiveness, humility, the occult, hidden forces, secret dealings, memory, intelligence, communication, itelligence, education, correspondences, messages, students, merchants, editing, writing, advertising, contracts, kinship, ambition, progress, visiting friends, astrology

White      Moon, Pisces   crown   Brain, pineal gland, semen   Safety, protection, transformation, enlightenment, connection to higher self, becoming more outgoing, relieving shyness, the cycle of life, freedom, health, initiation

Black      Saturn      teeth, bones,   Use in combination with white to represent balance, opposites, union of opposing forces. Divination, beginning, creation, rebirth, absorbing energies, patience, binding, stability, neutralizing forces, material gain, protection, karma, death, manifestation, law, understanding one's limits, overcoming obsticals, challenges, tests, real estate matters, farming, sacrifice, separation, criminals, civil servants, plumbing, justice, wills, debts, discoveries, elders, truth

Brown   earth   Scorpio, Capricorn         Security, friendship, animal magic, nature magic, generosity, fruitfulness, new beginnings, harvest, health of pets & livestock, endurance, groundings, strengthening, solidifying, sound decision making, improved concentration, focus, telepathy, finding lost things, anything to do with animals

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