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Pagan/Wiccan Religion/Question about Wiccan ethics and swearing in on a Bible?


I'm a Wiccan living in Alabama,and I found out I'm being supeoned to testify in court.My question is about the swearing in part. I don't believe in the Bible,but I do respect it.Should I just ask for an affirmation to tell the truth,instead of putting my hand on a book I no longer believe in and swearing to tell the truth?I have no problem w/the 'so help me God' part,the problem I have is with the personal ethics of the Book I'm swearing on. I want to both uphold my own personal morality,and not make a big deal out of my faith during something that has nothing to do with it. Thanks!

I don't have a problem with this for two reasons.  One, we are giving an oath to God...and we do believe in may not be the Christian name and face, but we do believe in the male aspect of the universal One and we also sometimes call him God.  We are not saying I give oath to the Bible which I also have personal issues regarding.  Remember it is a symbol to the populous, and we are just fitting in and not upsetting people which is okay.
The second reason is that the oath is most important to you internally.  You are declaring your integrity.  And that is a personal thing.  In truth, the court may have no idea if you are lying or not, but God/dess will...and most importantly YOU will.  Take whatever oath you want to - INSIDE your heart, between you and God/dess.  What the court asks of you is just a formality.  

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