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Greetings from Texas.

I have a friend who says she has visions. She says she can sense when someone is going to die. She said she saw me in a vision with a young lady and 3 kids plus a house, a modest one. I showed her a picture of two children and she said they were in the vision, the girl I know in real life, yet is not interested in me, we are friends. I've been petitioning my deity that she make better life choices, stop seeking bad boys. My friend with the vision says she has seen this vision often, and a new child a third was added. She says they stop if she cannot concentrate even though her visions are dreams, if the mind receives visions and my friend is sick it makes sense she can't see well, and she's sick often.

Ever since I met the girl last year I've felt prompted to pray about her. That's when I started noticing things saying, pray, have patience, and have faith.

I get told I'm crazy since Christians say Facebook posts and others encouragement are not signs in their mind, yet I've been told by others allot more often that God speaks through people, and even Facebook. The things I see do give me, hope and peace. Christians give a lot of different answers, yes that's a sign, no it's not, I think I've had better advice from the few rabbis I've asked, who say God talks to us through everything and anything, He is all around us.

I use to dream of this person very often after prayer, not so much now, I've been told, God wants me to believe without signs, yet I still get promptings through others to stay hopeful and have faith. All I know is that this person is very special to me and just being with her, having a funny convo, makes me happier then I've been all my life.

I guess my question is, are these things I see signs? Does the universe prompt us through others and even mundane things in life?

I am sorry to criticize Christians but they seem to always make up their own rules about everything, in other words, ask 100 Christians 100 questions get 100 different answers. I asked a few rabbis and got much more consistent answers, as in God does talk through any means, by God I just mean whoever/what ever made us. Most Christians have been encouraging, but the older ones who claim to be experts are a bit long winded as I probably seem

Also, my mother claims she sees white shadows, and smells roses at times. She said that in our current home of a decade she heard meanings, and other odd things, I've never seen these things, which is good since I'd probably never sleep a wink if I did, I only had one odd occurrence years ago that I thought was a ghost. My mother is a very negative person thus I wonder why she sees anything, yet I guess we do not choose our gifts.

I wish you the best in your endeavors. And hope you can help. In making sense of the past year. I do not remember seeing these things before.


Greetings and thank you for asking this question. In answer to your direct questions, yes, the universe does prompt us through others, including people, animals, even the way the sun moves through the sky at times. The issue always is to be able to tell the difference.

The christian concept of faith without signs is part of their framework. As a Metaphysician and Wiccan High Priest I believe ( as most Wiccans do) that we create our own reality within the balance and harmony of the universe. There is no one way to reach "enlightenment" or to get close to the Divine.

As to choosing our gifts there are two schools of thoughts on that. Some say that gifts are part of all of us and that with work and focus we can encourage them. Here is a good example, a child shows some talent at the piano, his/her parents get her lessons and this talent blossoms to where the child becomes very very good hence, the gift that was inherent or that she/he was born with was encouraged, worked with and later blossomed with practice.

Another view is that gifts are just "there" and we choose to accept of ignore them. Notice that both of these definitions require a focus of intent and due diligence, ( meaning working at them), to have them manifest.

In the Craft everything we do is part of what we call the Witches Pyramid - To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent.   Gifts are very much manifested and recognized by these four statements

To Know: Recognize the gift
To Dare: Do something with them
To Will: To put your energy and intent into it
To Be Silent: Not tell the universe look at me I am ..... ( fill in the blank) meaning keep your ego out of it.

So, as to your last statement, as you focus on the "prayer" toward the manifestation on your desire, things are getting more practice and hence, they are coming more often.

One last thing, do not do anything that says - have her look to me as boy friend. This is called BINDING and is not a good thing. What you have said so far is good, help her to choose good boyfriends to an extent. The concept of bad boyfriends is a judgement on your part and if you are working within the Universal Balance, then a better way is to "pray" that she choose the boyfriends that are best for her health and well -being  and leave it at that.

If some point in the future that the answer to that particular prayer is you then all the better!

Please feel free to contact me here again or at

Bright Blessing,


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