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Can you direct me to an incense and a chrystal or rock, that is known to radiate good/light/healing that is used to come against dark spells or black witchcraft?

Thank you for any direction.


Hi Leah,

You have quite an array which do this.

Incense: Sage and dragon's blood. I always preferred sage for this though. Get the smudging sticks made from the dried leaves, and it works wonders.

Stones: Black obsidian and selenite are a good pair for this. Sleep with the selenite, and always have the black obsidian in your pocket. Tiger's eye is also a good one, but I leave that in my car with some clear quartz just to block off any "evil eye" (which I'm very prone to apparently).

Don't put yourself in too much expense. If you have a clear quartz crystal, wash it with sea salt and water (if you can wash it in the beach without losing it, that would be more ideal), place it under the light of a full moon for about an hour, and hold it in your left hand and envision the stone protecting you against negative energy.

Sage is nice, but if you're focused enough, you can sit in the middle of your house, and cast white light throughout every room to cleanse it. This can be done anywhere, which is great because with smoke alarms, you may not want to use sage.

I've always been a believer in self-power. I think we're more powerful than we believe, and can do incredible things with just a few thoughts. I see it happen every day. You are the most powerful thing against any dark energy. Harness it. and you'll be fine.  

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