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I have not practiced spell work in the past.. but recently realized that I accidentally cast a spell on myself, my love and a mutual friend (while only thinking that I was simply lighting a candle, not realizing the repercussions).The mutual friend is the part I would like to remove from the spell I have cast.
I have a crystal, which was given to me as a gift, that I've found to hold the energy of my love. Friday, October 3rd, was my birthday so I decided I wanted to light my special red candle under this crystal to warm it up in hopes that this would bring him to me that night. I lit the candle, said a prayer, let it warm up and blew it out a while later. Without realizing the power of what I was doing.. I did in fact see him that night after not seeing him for a few months. Unfortunately, my friend was in the bathroom and absorbed some of the energy.. now there is a spell between them as well. I would wish to keep the bind between my lover and I while removing the spell I accidentally cast on our mutual friend. I've looked into white magic break up spells and just wanted to get your advice on which you think would work best in this situation. Can you help me with this? I would appreciate it so much.

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Okay, well it doesn't always work that way. I once did a spell many years ago (I was honestly still single digits) to find my soul mate, and it only manifested about 3 years ago. Magick is an intent, and perhaps this person was not really for you, but for your mutual friend. I wouldn't spend too much energy worrying about it, because if you're a spell caster, then you'd know that the law of attraction works both with positives and negatives.  If you light a candle and do a spell, the energy isn't absorbed by anyone around, it's released into the universe to manifest your request, so I don't think that the spell's energy (which is actually your energy) could be absorbed by anyone else, unless it was just a general love spell directed at your friend, which is not what you're describing here.

I would just deal with this situation the old fashioned way, with a good old chat. Magick messes everything up when it comes to people, so I generally steer clear of that entirely. I would not cast a break up spell, because it can backfire on you. So just talk to the person, leave magick out, and see how it goes. Chances are the mutual friend would back off, and everything would settle down after a few weeks.  

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