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I don't really know how to approach this since my belief in myself being a natural witch has long been kept a secret, but it's time. In my youth I had many abilities that were very strong, and at the time misunderstood, scary, and so wonderful all at the same time.  When I reached 16 I had a few experiences that made me realize that perhaps I was unable to control it...subconsciously making things happen, entering others thoughts, and almost harming people. In the heat of it all I bound myself instinctively using a prayer,an altar, some candles and a small blood sacrifice to keep my abilities under wraps. Maybe it's  a mental thing, but since then I haven't had any more issues, but now that I am 30 I feel hollow. I feel a vast emptiness and a longing for understanding myself as a natural witch. I miss the feeling inside...the connection and gift I was given but couldn't  control. I know it is very vague, but how would I even go about unbinding myself? I have tried thinking it was all in my head, but the feeling is lost, and I don't  know where else to turn. I am not one that practices wicca, but rather an older approach that  feels like something I've known my whole life. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

All you have to do to undo the binding, is to embrace your abilities. Write yourself a little ritual dedicating yourself to the study magick and the exploration of your personal power and perform it, preferably somewhere out in nature where there is a fire because that will help set the mood (but is entirely unnecessary). There are many dedication and initiation-type rituals available on the internet and in popular books of witchcraft, Wicca and magick to give you a sort of template to work with, but I always recommend that people write their own because the act of writing it yourself has a power all it's own.  

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