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Hi.i am wiccan and always wear my pentacle.For years i have been having really evil dreams where im screaming the lords prayer to wake up.Why the lords prayer? I have no connection to that god.I was an athiest for a while.I believe im cursed.I was born fri 13th and have nothing but bad luck.But my dreams are extremely disturbing and very evil.please help.

Evil Dreams are a matter of Perception and Interpretation.

Everyone one of us who is Neo Pagan, Meso Pagan, and Heathen has a connection to that God.  I grew up Lutheran.  I gave up Christianity when I had my skull fractured for not being full blooded white.  For some of it, it is not about Our PrePagan time as a Christian, but the way Christians React to us.

We were taught, as Children, the Lord's Prayer. It is everywhere, in movies, and books.  The funny thing is, many people believe that the Council of Nicea ripped that prayer off from the Temple of Bacchus, and put it in the bible.

There is a prayer I want you to recite.  You will see it, and see the one many of us were taught as children.  However, I am going to give you something closer to the origin pagan prayer.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Huntsman my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Hunt my soul to take.

This Marks you as being Oathed to the Wild Hunt.  Huntsman is the Huntsman, Woodsman, and Greenman.  The Consort of the Mother (The Goddess as Wiccans call her).  

Get yourself a Teddy Bear.  Bears are Symbols of Strength, Courage, Protection, Magic, and Dreams.  Put a picture of a Bear Claw above your bed.  

Andarta Baldrsdottr Lead the Wild Hunt, as did her Mates Rosmerta NicBelenus and Essus the Bloodthirsty.  Andarta's Grandfather, Odin, Lead the Wild Hunt Several Times.  

Friday the 13th is only Bad Luck to Christians.  It is apart of a Death Curse placed upon them.  The Origin has to do with Pope Clement V and King Phillip IV, Murdering the Knights Templar because they refused to kill women and children.  Only Christians are victims of the death curse.  However, in modern times, because we do not know the history, everyone thinks they are effected by it.  Pagans used to see things like the number 13 to be very powerful, and good luck.

Focus your mind on these things.  Change your perspective.  Maybe you are being Drawn to the Unseelie Sidhe, and do not understand what you are seeing in your dreams yet.  It just looks dark and scary.  Dark Gods are not Evil.  They just place better at night.  

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