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I am new to studying the wiccan religion and i am very confused on how to worship the god and goddess. Ive read many articles and a few says that i cant just chose one whom i wish to worship and pray to. i would really appreciate it if you'd be kind enough to help me in this journey of mine to understand fully. blessed be =)

I am pretty sure my profile says that I am not Wiccan and my relationship with the Gods is very different from that of a Wiccan, but I will do my best.

In Wicca, the Gods are "used" to give energy to magick. The Wiccan view is that the Gods are all different faces of a single, or dual deity and when you call upon one deity, you're just channeling in a portion of that divine energy. So, you would choose the deity that best suits your purposes. Learn about as many as you can, and find the one whose energy best represents your ultimate goal in life, your values, what is important to you. So for example if you are all about justice and truth and right, you might choose Themis or Athene. Or if you were all about love and romance, you might choose Aphrodite (but this is simplifying them so completely into cookie cutter stereotypes I can't help but object just a little in my gut). Don't worry about choosing the "right" God or Goddess because as you enter into different areas of your life, you will change and the Gods who guide you will change as well. I find this happens about every 5 to 7 years, with less frequency as you age.

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I am able to answer most questions about Pagan religions and magic. I am particularly experienced in the areas of Hearth Magic and Kitchen Witchery, including magical cooking and gardening, herbal lore and Hellenic mythology. I specialize in matters relating to Pagan children and family. I am also well-versed in Western European spirituality including Wicca and Druidry, though I belong to neither. My particular religious interest is in Hellenic polytheism. I am unable to answer specific theological, historical or liturgical questions related to African Synchretic Spirituality (Santeria, Voodun, Umbanda, etc.) or Heathenry (Asatru, Odinism, etc.)


I have been a Pagan for over 20 years and a NeoHellenic Polytheist for 15. I have over 5 years experience planning and executing public Pagan events, particularly public rituals and family events. I have three children I am raising to honor Nature and the Hellenic Gods and to respect all faiths.

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I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology with a Biology minor.

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