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I have small children at home. I wanted something to teach them with when they are ready. My family won't get involved to I have started a family book of Shadows.  I am in the middle of writing an alphabetized table of correspondence by intent. My family taught me lists of herbs, colors, gems, and deities or angels and elements and I was left to my own devices. My aunt looked at what I was doing and claimed I was spoiling my children by taking the studying out of the craft. This caused a fight and I no longer participate in my family's readings in tarot or other divination.  They feel I am not teaching my children properly and refuse to talk to me until things change. My last bos, mysteriously disappeared.  I'm lonely without them and now I am doubting myself.  Should I force my children into more studying instead of an easier index? Are they wrong? Should I just fine a new group? Please let me know.


Honestly, you are in a tough spot. Do what your gut tells you. Family situations are usually difficult. The best thing is to evaluate your situation, weigh the options and make a decision, sans emotion. Just remember,  this generation learns differently from the previous; making the research part easier, may be the best thing ever. If you want to find a compromise,  i have a website which may help. provides a private mini grimoire,  with access to over 5000 articles,  spells, herb lore and more. You can have your kids learn from there. They may just like having a digital BoS,  and you technically won't be writing a BoS for them, they will have to find their info online.  So your family wont be upset.  

Think about it,  weigh your options and make a decision after some meditation under the next full moon.  

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