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In short, weird things have been happening in my boyfriends home. Two months ago we were asleep and I woke up and saw what appeared to be a tormented, decaying old woman with a hat and dress, arms reaching out, face rotting, with a look of desperation. Now I had taken sleep and anxiety meds before bed so I figured it was just that. I ducked behind my boyfriend, shook my head and rubbed my eyes. Looked again and it was STILL THERE. I naturally yelled and bf said I yelled "go away, we don't want you here". Seeing as I didn't feel in DANGER, I realize it was a probably a spirit that needed help and I wished it away before even asking what it needed. Cut to three weeks later-there's a certain area in the house where I always feel weird vibes. One day I while standing there (alone in the house) I felt like I was being watched and something was going to charge at me. That night, somehow the light switch in our room was flipped on (positive it wasn't either of us), AND the closet door in that hall was open! Doors were locked and nothing was taken.  
Week after, I purchased sage, lots of protective crystals (lots of clear quartz to grid the bedroom, black tourmaline, apache tears, large onyx stones to put outside the doors, selenite to hang in that hallway area, and sardonyx to grid), camphor, hyssop oil, cascarilla, and a black candle and I figured we would smudge and do a protection ceremony. We haven't got around to it yet (bf says it takes too long) but we did plant the selenite, drew protective barriers around the doors in hyssop oil, sprinkled sea salt and black pepper around doors and windows, camphor in the bedroom and I make him carry black tourmaline around. Since then his car mysteriously doesn't work for no reason and is costing much money to fix, we found the roof is rotting and needs costly repairs we can't afford etc. PS BF is a total athiest but humors me with the crystals and such (carries certain ones to help with his terrible anger issues), and i DO practice the craft a lot but don't identify with any specific religious titles other than being a spiritual human being. Lately I get into bad moods just being there and his anger outbursts are getting worse. Will the smudging etc be enough to alleviate the situation, or should we take other specific measures? Do I have the right tools or is there anything else I should obtain/do?

For someone who doesn't feel in danger you are certainly armed for bear.

How long have you been in the house?  Spirits are usually place bound, so if you have ghosts they have been there all along.  If your initial response was to think the woman needed help, I would begin by seeing if I could figure out what exactly it is that she needs.  Displacing a spirit out of its natural place of haunting without finding out if it is even hostile is just rude.  Realize that your reaction to their initial form of contact may be causing their actions to seem hostile in return.

I suggest that you go ahead and try contacting spirits and doing protection spells without boyfriend.  His attitude will only nullify any magick you try to work.

As for having the right tools...all I use for cleansing a house is salt, sage, and white candles.  But you can certainly go all out if you want to.

I do not believe the car trouble or the leaking roof is caused by spirits.  But negative energy does attract more negative energy.  Maybe try seeing if you guys have any negative issues to deal with.

Let me know how it goes.

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