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hello. i definitely need your help. i need something that can help me with luck. i feel that i am struggling in life because i find obstacles in my way when i want to accomplish something. and those obstacles are always imposed by people, most of the time i run into rude people. i have practiced affirmations, afformations,visualization,positive thinking law of attraction but nothing. can please you help?  thanks a lot.

Generally when I run into rude people, I find being pleasant and smiling in the face of their scowls to be very effective. Either they decide you're not so bad after all and want to help you for brightening up their day, or they get confused and thus malleable. A honey jar created for a specific person is also very helpful. Just take a jar and pop a picture of the person, business card or just their name on a piece of paper inside. Pour honey into the jar as you visualize the person smiling at you and wanting to please you. Or do a chant about how wonderful the person will think you are. This also works for companies. I did a similar spell for Freddie Mac while I was trying to buy a house from them and their management company was being very uncooperative. They, and the real estate agents didn't like us much because we had to go over their heads and write lots of letters directly to Freddie Mac to get anything done, but Freddie Mac came through for us in the end. (Don't be afraid to call a manager or write a letter!)

Magical work to remove obstacles works best if you are focusing it on a specific goal. Like business success, or love success. You may wish to picture the path to the goal as a maze full of obstacles which your spell is targeting. Different spells work better for different types of obstacles based on what the final target is. For example, you might have an obstacle to business success, or an obstacle standing in the way of purchasing your dream house or an obstacle standing in the way of being united forever with your one true love. So, if you are creating a spell to banish obstacles and using a correspondence table (Like the ones at to select timing and ingredients, it is best to carefully examine each article instead of just choosing randomly from a list of correspondences. The obstacles can be visualized as objects, stones, statues, locked gates with suits of armor guarding them and then destroyed. You may choose to create an item that represents your obstacle and then destroy it in a ritual manner. This can be very cathartic.

I am not sure how helpful this was, but if you have more specific questions, just followup.  

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I am able to answer most questions about Pagan religions and magic. I am particularly experienced in the areas of Hearth Magic and Kitchen Witchery, including magical cooking and gardening, herbal lore and Hellenic mythology. I specialize in matters relating to Pagan children and family. I am also well-versed in Western European spirituality including Wicca and Druidry, though I belong to neither. My particular religious interest is in Hellenic polytheism. I am unable to answer specific theological, historical or liturgical questions related to African Synchretic Spirituality (Santeria, Voodun, Umbanda, etc.) or Heathenry (Asatru, Odinism, etc.)


I have been a Pagan for over 20 years and a NeoHellenic Polytheist for 15. I have over 5 years experience planning and executing public Pagan events, particularly public rituals and family events. I have three children I am raising to honor Nature and the Hellenic Gods and to respect all faiths.

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