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So this comes from a friend of mine in New York City. She started the conversation with this:Ok,  For the last few months things have been pretty emotional.... Death in the family, finances, problems with the house, etc....Well I think all the negative energy stirred up an evil spirit. She then goes on to state that she needs help with a cleansing and some help. My sister a pagan, myself, a pagan, and a friend of ours, a pagan tried to help here the best that we could. She has some concerns, and i was wondering what you could make of this.
My 19 yr. old son has been seeing shadows, hearing a voice that says "they" want to talk to him, and having a vision of a quija board in the grass with blue flash of light, then gets a migraine.
I, myself, have felt like I was being watched...My 19 yr. old son was having visions and hearing voices that said "they" wanted to talk to him and my 3yr. old grandson has been having nightmares....Tonight, my grandson freaked out saying he saw monsters outside, they were talking to him, they were happy but they scared him!  There is alot more too.I have my grandson sleeping in my room right now bc I am afraid to leave him alone.My cats have been acting out of character too.

Thank  you luna

Okay.. it sounds like you're having quite the party full of uninvited guests!

I'm assuming that you don't want these entities around.

Try a simple protection charm.. get four black obsidian stones (the larger the better) and meditate on them, imagine/visualise them shielding your property from these entities. Bury the stones in the four corners of the house. When you bury them, reinforce the visualisation, and light a black or white candle above where you have buried them. Go back inside, light a fifth candle and meditate a bit on the new shield you have created for the property. Let the candles outside burn down, and leave them there. The wax will return to the earth. This should keep the uninvited guests out of the property.

You need to get everyone to ignore them. When the kids see them, let them close their eyes, and strongly say to themselves, "GO AWAY". It works for everyone I know (esp kids) and it's the simplest form of banishing magick I know.

Return to your basics: smudge with sage, sprinkle holy water, play some chakra bowl music, think happy thoughts.

If you need anything else, you can always ask. :)

Love and light to you.  

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