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QUESTION: What are werewolf abilities, skills,  and weapons
List of each one

ANSWER: Interesting...I am assuming you want a real and truthful answer and not commentary on the movie stereotypes.

Lycanthropy is the practice of placing your spirit and consciousness into a canine animal form.  It is not some supernatural transformation forced by the full moon and brought on by being bitten by another werewolf.  The reason this is most commonly done on the full moon is that is when witches have the most energy to work with and lycanthropy is not easy.  It is a very intense spell and considered a highly advanced skill.  I have only accomplished it twice.  

Wolves are highly spiritual and often work with us on different planes to accomplish journeys real and ethereal.  This makes them open to lycanthropy, but any accepting canine can be used.  I keep Doberman as familiars and they worked just fine.  

As to their behaviors, that lies in the integrity of the witch.  I am a 'white' practitioner.  I use lycanthropy and other familiar talents to spy and gather information.  'Black' practitioners have been know to use lycanthropy to attack enemies.

So abilities - anything the creature being used can accomplish, with human intelligence.  That can make a wolf pretty dangerous.  
Skills - any magick or other things the human can accomplish - without hands of course.
As for weapons, I assume you want to know how to kill one.  Any weapon that can kill a dog.  It is just a dog.  Unless a sorcerer of some kind has wielded some very powerful magick, the spirit of the witch just returns to its body.  

Do not confuse werewolves with hell hounds - totally different beast.

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QUESTION: I was asking about werewolf abilities, skills and weapons they can use
Abilities like strength, jaw strength, speed, agile, acrobatic, intelligent, maybe roar, senses, maybe healing factor, and what ever else they have

Skills jumping, climbing, and hunting maybe more

Weapons sharp claws, and sharp fangs-sharp teeth

I answered your question.  
Only TV movie fantasy werewolves have supernatural powers.  
Real werewolves are just regular wolves and dogs that are being controlled through astral projection by witches.  They can only do what regular wolves and dogs can do.  The only additional ability comes from the higher intelligence provided by the human factor.

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