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I'm currently doing a project on a Wiccan Book of Shadows and was hoping you could e-mail me back answering some questions.
What is in a Book of Shadows and Light?
Why isnít there a standard book?
Why is it called a Book of Shadows and Light?
What is the purpose/role of the Book of Shadows and Light?
How long does it take to create one?

Hi Shana,

I'm happy to help with your project in any way I can.  

A Book of Shadows is a personal "diary" of sorts kept by Witches.  Traditions have them detailing everything from their liturgy, holy observances, altar set ups and cosmology / cosmogony.  A Book of Mirrors or Book of Light (same thing) is the personal diary of your Witchcraft journey.  It is your thoughts, your feelings, your spells you have attempted, whether or not they were successful or not.   Witches who practice only on their own "Solitaries" have similar books but may have a large enough book that they only keep one instead of two sacred books.  The third type of book is a Grimoire.  A Grimoire is a magickal cookbook of sorts.  Recipes for Incense, ritual baths, oils, candle mixes, teas and more are located within the pages of a Grimoire.  

A Book of Shadows is called thus because in traditional Witchcraft there was always a shadow in the book.  The shadow is the portion of the book that is written falsely.  The purpose of the shadow is to keep people from stealing the Witch's sacred book and being able to do the Work represented within.  People never knew which part of the book was made up.  

The Book of Mirrors or Book of Light was called that because the idea was to shine a light on who you are.

A Tradition's book is passed down through imitation and elevation of degrees.  You must hand write the information as it was given to you by your high priest or high priestess.  If you aren't the member of a tradition and it is you own personal book, it is never finished.  Just like your own diary is never finished while you live because your story is always being told.

Hope this helps.

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