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Please answer a question for me that I have had since before I came to the Craft.I've been an animal person my whole life,and I've been blessed to have various animals have shared their lives with me.I loved them all,but some of them,I connected with so deeply that I felt like we had met before,because it was like picking up where we left off(I recently lost a Boxer that I had that kind of a connection with,and am currently owned by a cat that feels that way). My question is,I know that we meet various people again and again through reincarnation,but is that also possible with pets?I know that pets go to the Summerland when they are done,and they're pure so they can stay..they're done,so to speak. Could I have met those animals in a previous life with them as a person?Can animals and people transmigrate,or do we always meet them as animals,no matter what incarnation we are in?

I know Buddhism would say that transmigration is real,but I've heard differing opinions from fellow Wiccans.

Blessed Be!

Hello Kelly,

This is an interesting question and as you have said, the answers vary. In my experience I think that animal familiars do return to us over several incarnations. These are more than pets, and actually assist us in our walk through each incarnation.

I have also experienced the essence of spirit guides within animals. In one instance, when I was traveling quite a bit a "new" cat appeared at the door of my house where my partner, our children and I lived. She was quite insistent on coming into the house and jumped into my partners lap, and became a household member despite the fact that we had 2 additional cats and three dogs in the house. This particular cat walked our circle, was around at each Sabbat or Esbat OUTSIDE in the circle and plopped herself right at the base of the altar and added her energy to the magical working we were doing.

After many years, she disappeared as easily as she appeared. Right after that Lady Willo' and I were sent by the Goddess and the God to Southern Missouri where we now live and have the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks.

So, yes, you could have met these animals before, and they could even be people who come back as animals for a period of time to assist you.

Bright Blessing,


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