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Greetings, Amy

I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, I don't have much experience with witchcraft or magick. I'm in deep doubt of finding the perfect guy for me. I'm just constantly hurt and betrayed. In a world like this, I feel it's impossible to find the guy I truly want, who feels the way I do, mutually. I need a spell that is simple, something that doesn't require too many steps or supplies (though if not, I'm really willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means searching for the things needed for the spell). But the big question is, is there a spell that will help me find my dream guy? Will the spell work?

Hi Brianna!
 When I was 18, I needed a relationship I could share my faith, my thoughts. my hopes and dreams with.  So i decided to cast a spell to bring the perfect relationship to me.  It worked famously.  We dated for two years, and 14 years later we're still really good friends even though he lives 3,000 miles away.  This spell was very easy and works for all sorts of desires.  My old High Priestess called it Silver Bullet magic.  Grab a balloon and a piece of paper and pen.  Write what it is you wish for.  This is a great all purpose wish spell, I just happened to use it to bring me one of the great loves of my life.  

Remember that you'll need to be specific about the qualities of the type of person you are looking for.  Funny, sweet, etc.  This spell isn't going to land you a specific person, it'll help you find the RIGHT person. :)   

Place the paper, folded, into the balloon.  Blow it up.  Chant, or sing to raise energy.  Even something simple like "She Changes everything she touches and /Everything she touches, Changes".  Chant faster and faster until you feel the energy peak and pour all of that energy into the balloon.  Then Sit on it to pop it!  That'll release the spell to go do its work.  Keep the paper and balloon.  When your wish is granted, give the balloon to someone you love to let them make a wish.  This spell is easy to do and works FAST so watch out. :D

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