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QUESTION: Hey there again, I changed my question to look at a grimoire, which is where I wanted to go with this project. It would be so helpful to me if you could answer these questions (Hopefully they're not to long)
Blessed Be

What is in a Grimoire?
Why are they used?
Why isnít there a standard book?
What is the purpose/role of the Grimoire?

ANSWER: Hi Shana!

A grimoire is a magical cook book. It contains recipes for everything from incense and sabbat cakes (think sugar cookies/ cake hybrid) to recipes for medicine "love potions" (tea) and more!  They're used to keep all that information easily at hand in  a readily accessible format. If someone calls you in a panic that they're gushing blood and they need you to stop it, you don't want to waste time looking for the charm to stop blood. In some traditions like pow wow (Pennsylvania Dutch folk magic) you might just read Ezekiel 16:6 once or three times to stop a bleeding wound. It's interesting to note that doing this with enough feeling has been known to stop a menstrual flow for the rest of the cycle.

Everyone is different because every family cook book is different. It is colored by the experience of the people that wrote them. If someone is more adept at herbal healing they're going to have more useful healing spells and herbal remedies. That's what was useful to them. My grimoire has lots of incense recipes, herbal remedies and the like because that's what I need. You won't find a bunch on information on Astral Projection because it's not pertinent to what I do.

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QUESTION: What is in a Wicca?
How do Wiccan's celebrate?
What do you need to do to be Wiccan?
What happened during the Salem Witch trials?
Where did Wicca come from?
Who started Wicca?
How long has Wicca been around for?

What is in a Wicca?  This is an incomplete question.

How do Wiccan's celebrate?  How do Wiccans celebrate what?

What do you need to do to be Wiccan? The Will.  Knowledge.  A Yearning to learn.

What happened during the Salem Witch trials? Innocent women were convicted of being different.

Where did Wicca come from? Gerald Gardner

Who started Wicca?  Gerald Gardner

How long has Wicca been around for? Since the 1950's.

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