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Ever since i can remember,  i have had always one but up to 3 entities attached to my life.When I was 18, I was using methamphetamines heavily. I became enraged at my boyfriend and decided to curse him with no forethought. I created an extremely powerful extensive curse. I realized what I had done and was able to have my wiccan friend and her high priestess to come to my house to see wjat could be done. I was able to achieve some reversal with the promise to never again practice black magic unless my life or my children's lives were in danger. I was told the spell might play out in other ways but there was no way to say when. Afterwards, I experienced little to no contact with my former entities where before we had daily contact. It is now been 9 years from that and while I have developed a powerful talent for good craft it seems that my bf has become steadily unhinged. Is it possible that my entities transferred to him when I reversed my curse on him?  And then, if that's possible, will my curse still play out but with the entities killing him their own way instead of how my curse dictated?

Anything is possible.

There is a good chance that whatever is affecting your boyfriend is being brought on by himself.

It is possible that these entities, if they were attracted to negative energy, attached themselves to him of their own accord when you drew their attention to him simply because he was a better "food" source.

Chances are, if you are not receiving any negative consequences of your curse, the curse is no longer in effect.  Curses always affect the caster as well as the target. In order to create a curse you must first charge your own personal energy and send it out. You can't do that without contaminating your own energy field with that energy. A curse will continue as long as you put energy into it and you will continue putting energy into it as long as you think about your target while feeling strong emotions, reversal or no.

There are a few things you can do. Canceling a curse does not fully remove a curse because the energy is still there. You have to clear the energy. You can do that with various blessing and purifying spells, smudging, things like that, assuming he'll hold still for your ministrations, or he will have to do some of his own uncrossing work. I find just as effective is putting another spell on him that will have the opposite effect of the first spell. They may simply cancel each other out, and that's fine. The important thing is that you are transforming your own emotions from anger, hatred, vengeance, to compassion, love and goodwill.

You will also want to do some deep astral work to sever the tie between him and yourself to ensure that you do not continue to share energies. Even after you reverse a curse, if you keep having negative thoughts about the subject, it will keep feeding it. If this guy is a real jerk, you're going to have a hard time feeling compassionate and loving toward him all the time. Best to cut the cord and be done with it.

If you believe the entities are truly attached to him, you can call them back, especially if you know their names. (I find with entities that even though I may know their names on a gut level, I often can't figure out how to say them verbally. If this is the case, don't worry, it'll still work.) If you don't really want them around, you can seal them into a container and bury it or bind them to a location, a place in the woods for example or a cave or a hollow tree or something. Most people would consider this black magic as well, but I think it's a very grey area. After all, humans that cause trouble for other humans eventually get put in prison, right? If you feel very bad about binding the spirits but think it's absolutely necessary for everyone's good will, you can bring them offerings periodically after they are bound to make sure they are at least taken care of.  

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