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My husband and I are in the process of buying a new house (well new to us, its 160+ years old). On the home inspection I noticed there are 4 dead sparrows nailed to the rafters in the basement (all in a row). Their bodies are on the rafter with wings folded behind, head pointed up. They face the East. I am wondering if this is anything significant or just the miscreant behavior of child. I don't know anything of the faith of the previous owners. Thank you in advance for your help.

To the ancient Greeks the sparrow was a creature of Aphrodite, goddess of love; it was also associated with Lesbia of the island of Lesbos. Probably because of its connection with love deities, the sparrow came to symbolize lust, wantonness, and fertility.

Superstitions: The sparrow was consecrated to the Roman Penates, making it sacred. Today there is still the belief in many countries that killing this bird brings evil upon you. Never catch or cage a sparrow or you will be unlucky. In several areas of Britain, the sparrow is regarded as a symbol of the friendly spirits of the household and is cherished.

Magickal attributes: love, desire, fertility. Getting pregnant. Bringing love into your life.

I wish I could be more help.  It's hard to know the motive without knowing if they were found dead before they were placed or killed to be placed.

I'd remove them as respectfully as possible and given a proper burial instead of thrown away.  placing them in an old pillow case tied shut with red string and buried is a good way to make sure that if they were placed there with ill intent, the intent is neutralized.  

If it would make you feel better to bless the house after this is done, message me back and I'll walk you through it.


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