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I am not sure how to begin.
But here goes, Last night I was with my daughter and son-in-law in a pub and I had only been there about 5 mins and was just talking and the next min I felt and physically saw a dark black presents fall over me it seemed to go to suddenly grab me I screamed so loudly that half the pub jumped my son-in-law jumped and my daughter grabbed me and said mum it was a man all in black I saw him behind you but then just disappeared.

I physically felt this person and it was as if he was grabbing at me ..I burst out crying and this has never happened to me before, The fact my daughter saw it to has shook me up greatly ..

I didn't even tell her at first I just screamed it really was like this great blanket of darkness was coming over me.

I am a pagan and have not worn my pentagram for about a year until yesterday, and through out my  life things have happened with life over death experience's .
My daughter has all so experienced things too the fact we both saw this worries me greatly and I wondered if you could help me.
Its more the fact it came from now were and was so abrupt.
If you could give me some Idea what this could be I would be so grateful.
Kindest thoughts and Blessings Julia

Hi Julia,

These experiences can be very disconcerting. Black shapes around us can be many things. The fact that it grabbed you is the most disturbing part of the entire incident.

When this kind of thing occurs it is usually related to some experience of the entity and connection with you. Wearing your pentagram is certainly a good start. The fact that your daughter saw it as well and you were in a pub I wonder at the history of the pub itself. Some entities attach themselves to individuals who have a similar energetic signature to someone they remember.

It may be advantageous to choose a different pub for your next excursion.

If you decide to go to the same pub I would place a protective shield around yourself and if the entity comes near you again ask it what it wants. Then see if you can assist it in crossing over.  Many times these "entities" are really emotional reflections of individuals who have met with some untimely end.

If you are adept at making talismans I would suggest making one for yourself as well. One that works particularly well is related to the sword of Rafael from the ceremonial magick folk that I utilize with some runes in a particular protection pattern. If you are interested in more details on this please contact me at

Be Blessed Sister,


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