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For as long as I can remember I've always been able to see and hear spirits. I've adjusted to their presence in my life and have only had minor problems with them.  As of yesterday something new happened something not of the spirit realm but from the realm of the fae. I've always respected and acknowledged that realm, but have never really tried to interact with the fairy folk as I'm slightly unnerved by them. I was trying to sleep when what I believe to be either a pixie or a fairy came to speak with me. This being asked if it could share my magical core with them. I'm playing host to some other magical beings as of right now so my core is stretched and I don't really have the magic to spare. I told the fae this as politely as I could and to my understanding they took it rather well and told me not to worry about it as they knew a delicate core wasn't a good core to use. I thought I was in the clear but either it really was angered by what was said or with it's appearance it broke the veil I have over my home. I say this because there is an uneasy aura around here now that a few others have felt. I know for sure it isn't coming from the spirits around here, because like I mentioned earlier I am used to what they feel like, both light and dark. So my question is have I angered the realm of the fae or is something else going on?

I don't know. You'll have to ask them. But one fae is hardly the whole realm. I have pissed off my uninvited house brownie more than once and I doubt all his fae cousins care one bit.
But if I were you I'd do a cleansing of the house and put out an offering while you're waiting for your answer. Milk is popular for fae, but I always like to add a bit of honey and I find fresh baked goods are more appreciated.  

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