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QUESTION: A young mom actually said she'd do a spell no charge...wish I knew why

ANSWER: You wish you knew why?  Do you doubt her motivation?  I would trust someone who would sit with me and do a spell with me for free, long before I would trust a random guy on the internet who wants my credit card number first.
If this girl is someone you know sit and talk to her.  See how you feel in her presence.  Is it comfortable to be with her?  Ask her to describe the spell to you.  I highly suggest you use more traditional methods and actual gather the materials and conduct a proper ritual.  Free energy generation is difficult.  Definitely an advanced skill.  I can do it, but still always do a proper spell when working for someone else.  
She should mention what items she is gathering for the altar, blessing and lighting candles and incense, laying a circle, invoking spirits, gathering energy and then conducting the spell work.
If the spell turns out to be helpful - then you should give the girl a gift.  It can be money or something she can use, and it should be reflective of how much she helped you.  If she is struggling financially, it would also be appropriate to offer to bring her candles or other materials she may need to do your spell.

There may be no reason why.  It may be that she - like me - just feels the calling to use her gift to help others.  That's the way it is supposed to be.

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QUESTION: She said there was no circle, she says she has a temple at home cleansed daily with lavender, salt, and lemon grass.

She says she sets up an alter for the entity before hand with alcohol and sweets.

She mentioned a black mirror to scrye as well as just looking into a candle flame.

Incense was mentioned.

She mentioned I should not be toying with sigils because the entity may bind me.

I'll question her about the methods.

She is a lovely young mom.

She said she'd invoke an angel for one reason then a demon for another.

This is completely your decision but there is no reason to invoke a spirit of negative energy (demon) unless you are working black magic.  If you are doing something to hurt or manipulate someone I recommend you don't.  Karma has a way of biting you back....

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