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QUESTION: In a honey jar spell I've heard that a personal item helps boost the spells potency, I have no items such as nails, hair etc. but I do have a rose that was given to the person then given to me.n

Would this be effective?

ANSWER: Yes. Also, if you sit an meditate with it, the energy will increase. May I ask what spell this is for?

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QUESTION: A young lady.

I am bad at magic, wish I had someone to help me here.

I've had offers to do work on my behalf but I do t trust those people. I had a reading today and he said things to do with me but nothing current.

I have a friend who claims she has visions.

Both did not charge.

I don't trust casters even if they are famous like jason miller, or the like.

ANSWER: I'm sorry to tell you this but I cannot help you since I do not support magick of this sort. Spells, like love spells, are considered to be black magick since the intention is to remove someone's free will. I would not advise proceeding with this because they usually backfire and cause more trouble than any good.

You said that the rose was given back to you. If it was given back with rejection then the spell would cause more trouble.

I do apologise but I cannot support this since it goes against everything I believe in. The most I can tell you is to try something more conventional (like physical communication) rather than spell work. It would work out better for you in the long run. Better to have someone who genuinely loved you, than someone who is unhappily forced to be with you.

If you want, I can give you a spell to attract love. But it's not directed to anyone in particular.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you. I do not do magic.

And yes I've heard of the consequences. I think a person could become deeply obsessed with the caster under the influence of a love spell.

The rose was a gift, it was given to her then to me.

I do not do rituals or spells, I only petition the universe. And I've seen results

I respectfully don't agree with your beliefs that is my right.

Call it what you will, petitioning the universe, wishing upon a star, praying, spell casting, etc; as long as you have an intention, and you are releasing it with the intention of receiving some form of feedback, be it a job opportunity, healing for a loved one, the heart of a girl you love or for someone's hair to fall out, it's all the same thing with a different name.

I was speaking in reference to what you said, that you wanted to do a honey jar spell, that you were bad at magic and this spell was to win the heart of a young lady. Spells like these, as explained previously, only control the victim and it's not real love, hence I do not support it.

I respect your beliefs, and let me know how your petition went.  

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