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QUESTION: I don't do magic, but I drew a sigil and traced it asking a favor. Then I placed a gift someone gave me and a set of names under the sigil.

The young lady did a ritual for me but said mine may interfere. I am not well versed in magic, thus I hope it doesn't interfere.

ANSWER: I don't have enough information to make this call, but if you do two spells that request for conflicting outcomes even the magick can get confused.  You can do two spells as long as they are asking for completely different things without a problem.  But if you and this lady you refer to are conducting ritual about the same thing, then yes, there may be conflicts.  

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QUESTION: The ritual I did was slapped together, no herbs, no candle, no incense.

I don't think I charged the sigil. I did not want a clash, so disposed of the sigil, and separated the items.

May I recommend some reading material?

Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Grandmother of Time by Zsuzsanna Budapest
Witchcrafting by Phyllis Currott

This is what I require of my students in their first class with me to learn the natural spiritual faith.
If you only read one read the first on the list.  It gives the basics and provides a foundation of understanding for what we do.  This book explains how to collect materials, lay a circle and conduct a basic ritual, and it explains WHY we do certain things which is important to understand.  

Any ritual magick you try to do will work best if you do it yourself.  

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