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QUESTION: What is the difference between using an invocation and a ritual? Is there real,y a difference?

What I mean is, can invoking a spirit do something normal spell work cannot?

ANSWER: When we ritual we gather all the things we need to generate the energy that focuses our prayers and spell work.  We can do this without invocation.  Invocation; however, makes our energy and focus stronger by calling down a deity or spirit to assist us in our work.  Sometimes the spell you want to accomplish may need more energy than you have on your own.

Hope this answers your question.

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QUESTION: I met a man who said he could do invocations with no tools due to 39 years of practicing.

So am I to understand that an invocation can do what a spell can but possibly stronger?

ANSWER: Invocation is the calling down of spirits and deities.  Yes, some advanced practitioners can do spells with only energy and no tools.  I will not say that an invocation works without a spell because an invocation only has no purpose or direction.  You need to tell the energy what you want and that's the spell part.  Your man just does it all at once by directly speaking to spirits.
You need the ritual part - which includes the spell work - and by invocation that adds the power of spirit to the ritual you increase power.  

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QUESTION: The man I spoke with goes by the name brother butterball, thank you for your answers.

I am unfamiliar with Brother Butterball.  
A quick Google search prompts me to warn you that spiritualists that collect money up front are often frauds.  True natural spiritualists accept gifts and money only after you have received satisfactory results.  He directly asks for $75 for answering questions...which many of us do for free.  It's a calling.  It's a priest(ess)hood.  
I have a donations link which no one has ever used which is fine, because I get spiritual brownie points and that's more important.
Also, rituals and spells are much more powerful than those done by strangers in far away lands.  The spell needs people and things to link to so that the right things happen.  A spell done is good faith to the best of your own ability by you and your friends will work better than anything Brother Butterball - Or I - can do for you from lands away.  

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