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In a honey jar spell I've heard that a personal item helps boost the spells potency, I have no items such as nails, hair etc. but I do have a rose that was given to the person then given to me.n

Would this be effective?

Unless the rose was grown and cared for by the person or at least cut by them, it's probably not very personal. You can buy them at gas stations, after all and because they've been so heavily marketed as the go-to gift, folks don't tend to put much thought into picking out a rose as a gift. You can use the rose, but I would use more. The honey jar spells I have done have been for companies for the most part and I have used business cards, photographs, copies of contracts and proposals, even printed off want ads from craigslist or pictures from their websites. If you have anything the subject has written by hand or signed, that can also work. Just remember that anything going into the honey jar isn't coming out. The honey tends to "digest" paper after awhile.

Some other things that can be used as a "Personal effect" (and I warn you some of these are kind of gross): dirt from inside a footprint they left (or tracked in), used items such as gum, a toothbrush, condoms, sanitary napkins, silverware, beverage containers, straws, bandaids, etc., water from their toilet, a sketch or painting they created (a doodle on a napkin?), anything they've written down, esp. their name or phone number, any article of clothing, towel or washcloth, preferably unwashed. Any piece of jewelry, hair tie, etc. an instrument that they enjoyed playing, even if it's a rubber band, a piece of paper they've folded up into origami or even just a "football" for flinging, a lipstick or chapstick they used.

The rose isn't completely useless. It is a symbol of your connection to the person and perhaps the relationship you once had so it can be used in a spell in that capacity. The thorns can also be used to carve the person's name into a candle if you decide to do a candle spell. I would put some thought into the purpose behind the gift though. For example, a rose given as an apology gift would be particularly useful to use for a spell of retribution if the jerk does it again.

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