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QUESTION: The last three years have been odd, they may be coincidences. I must mention I do NOT do magic.

But I've asked the universe for certain things and over the last three years I've received.

Weight loss, I was 303, now I'm 224. I exercised and went down, but went back to 250, but stress caused more loss.

A new cat, visited a friend, they had a few mittens, I took one.

Two jobs. Lost the first do to low sales, I did not take the second do to other issues.

New friends, almost 20. Never had that many in my life ever. Now I have several,close friends, three best friends, and just friends. People find me very nice, but usual,y I only had friends for 4 months, it's been over a year now.

My friend changed her life in a few but big ways.

I use to never leave my house but then I found new meds and would go out often, now since December I do t take meds except at times. The stress is still there but not as bad.

Are these coincidences?

ANSWER: You made a decision to ask the One power of the Universe to help you get it together.  The energy that is all around us is attracted to those who want to utilize it.  In other words, if you put out positive energy, then positive energy rebounds back to you.  Weight loss, friends, cats - all of these things help you generate positive energy and increase your self esteem.

This is a joint effort between you and the God/dess.  You take a step forward to a better way of life and the power makes that step a little easier.  The more faith you have, the better you feel about yourself and the world, the easier your path is to walk.

You can help yourself continue along this way by honoring the Powers that fuel the world.  Light a candle.  Place flowers, nuts, shells - whatever thing seems beautiful to you around that candle.  Then sit and meditate on the beauty of the world and how much better your life is when you are healthy and happy and have friends.  Thank the God/dess for the Blessings you have in your life.  Let the candle burn out on its own.

Continue to be a positive force in the world.

Blessed Be Raul.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Would 25 dollars be helpful to you?

I still lack the love I've petitioned. Yet I'm told often not to give up, I see a certain shade of orange associated with her often, never use to see it, I also see her name at times. And the universe has at times told me He/She doesn't fail to keep His promises.

I see things change in my favor at times, yet it's always taken time, that's another thing the universe has told me, patience.

I'll try doing a small alter.

Any donation would be helpful and appreciated.

All things in their own time.  Patience is a very positive virtue.  If you send out the energy that you would like love in your life, it will find you.  The books I mentioned have some nice rituals for love and friendship.  Remember to stay very open.  You find amazing things where you least expect them.  Don't miss opportunities because you think you know who or what is coming.  

Orange is a very creative color.  It is associated with new things, strong spirit, and is the color of the second chakra.  Being orange is a good thing.

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