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Hello. Is there a spell or way to bring out my psychic abilities. I dont have a lot of ingredients and things for a spell. All I have is a big white candle and a narrow red candle. I know we are all psychic but I realy want mine to be strong and enhanced so I can make the right decisions and be able to read and help other people. Thanks so much.

A white candle is perfect. On friday 13. There will be a full moon. The moon plays a big roll in psychic powers.  

On friday anoint the candle in olive oil and bless it in the name of the moon.  Hold the candle close and close your eyes.  Know that ur psychic powers are growing. When you feel that you are ready set the candle down and light it.  Close you eyes and get to a meditative state. Breath slow and calm. Open you eyes and staire at the blue of the flame. You should get visions. Let me know how this work out!!!!  Simple but effective  

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