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Dear Sir

My name is SANA ANJUM ( 24 yrs) DOB: 18/Apr/1990.
Sir my family and I are facing a lot of problems in life related career, money and marriage. I have two elder sisters both are well-educated and good-looking. Eldest one is Shabana (DOB: 23Feb1981), Elder to me is Naziya (DOB 7APR1984). My family has been looking for grooms for them but every time we try to find a suitable match something or the other happens and finally the matter never proceed to marriage, as people refuse. I know a blackmagic has been done on our family as my mother's health is also affected badly. (I know the person who has done it). All this started in 2006, we have been trying to look for help but no one is actually able to help us get rid of it. My studies, relations with friends has been affected badly and I usually get defamed in society for no reason. Please help us guide us as to how to get rid of it because it is becoming next to impossible to bear failures in almost all out attempts.

My question is whose help should i seek to get rid of it? Can you help us ?

Please get back to me ASAP.

Thanking You.


Okay. This is a very easy situation to fix.

What I want you to do is take a bath with kosher salt in it. This will neutralize any already existing positive or negative energies and forces that will do you harm.
Next get out of the tub light a white candle in the name of correct energy and allow the energy to flow through you. Everyone who is affected by the black magic spell should do this.
Okay the salts will neutralize anything that has already existed let's work on the energies that might be hitting you in the future.  This takes a little bit of visualization but I believe you and your friends or your sisters will be able to do this it's very easy. First light a white candle and lay down in a comfortable position. Once you get settled calm yourself down, relax your entire body, breathe slowly, in through your nose & out through your mouth. Now visualize the black magic energy coming towards you in a black cloud. Once the black cloud gets about 5 feet from you I want you to put up a wall of energy not white not black this is neutral energy so A brown egg shape should surround you.  This brown egg Acts as a filter and once the black energy hits this egg it neutralizes it and turned the energy into what ever you want. This is the cool thing about energy you can use it flip it turn it change it into what ever you want because the only thing that makes energy black and evil is the intention of which it was sent.  So now you're sucking in that black energy through that brown egg and you're changing it into a green cloud for money or maybe a pink cloud for love or may be a blue cloud for healing or anything that you want to. It could be any color for any situation that you wanted to be. Now once you sucked in all of the black energy & changed it to whatever you want and drawn in the energy into yourself get your sisters to do it and visualize it for your mother if she's not well enough to do it herself.  Now know that once you start doing this that brown eggs will permanently stay around you you don't have to keep visualizing but maybe like once a month or so and just it just keeps the the visualization fresh in your mind that this will permanently stay around you no one can touch you with any black magic may you be very very blessed good luck and let me know how everything goes.  

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