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I don't know if u can help but I've asked many others about this I have 3 dragons that I was born with mother nature blessed me with 4 wolfs and an electrical snake that never leaves me she's wrapped around me at all times I've had to deal with some dark demons as well as shattow beings for some odd reason they watch me everywhere I go I am very spiritual but no one could really understand what I see or feel I really don't understand a dream I had it was of a witch who was born head of a powerful coven something about the a head coven she was telling me the story of her life and how she lived it I could feel everything she did and seen everything she did she was born possessed by a powerful dark demon she was separated from her family no one wanted her for what and who she was they feared her one stormy night she when she was 5 she gathered her energy and asked her ancestor head witches they separated her from the ddemon but they had to control it somehow sence it was given a fiscal form they had a bond he was her protector he watched her day and night fight after fight with each victory he turned more human at first he was a dragon mixed with a human from who he came out of she gave him a human form but he had to do the rest on his own eventually they grew closer and closer and one fay they fell in love she told me he was her friend from the beginning one day she became pregnant She had one baby be for she met her match and ended up passing on she left behind her lover and her child then I seen him over her grave reversing his form to what he looked like when they first met after the baby was grown he faded back to where he came from in the darkness I woke up crying and still heard her voice talking to me and said the story of my life was finally heard and understood now I may rest and the story continues with u and the paths u chose I understand what she went threw but I don't understand what she ment by its my turn I'm not apart of a coven or trained as a witch I was trained in the basics from mother Earth or nature can u tell me what she ment and what they see and know that I don't

My appologies.  I have traveled a great distance this week to bring my grandson to a hospital for open heart surgery.  I cannot work with you right now.  I am going to leave this in my in box and if you desire I will work with you at a later date.
May the Goddess Bless and keep you.

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I can answer all questions regarding natural spirituality and being a pagan. Being Wicca, Golden Dawn, Shamanist, like saying you're Lutheran or Baptist. They are all forms of paganism and all based on natural spirituality. I am Romani (gypsy) and part Lakota (American Indian) and I was raised in natural spiritualism. I am a life path counselor for my group, a ritualist, and a spell weaver. Most of my work consists of guiding people on how to find spiritual peace in a very chaotic material world. Ask me anything.


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