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QUESTION: what significance do seagulls have?

ANSWER: Most of the spiritual beliefs about seagulls that I am familiar with are from North American native peoples.  Two different aspects regularly appear. First, gulls are aggressive creatures.  The squabble, race each other, and dive at people and other creatures.  This often makes them symbols of hunting, warring, and possessing.  But they are also seen as survivors, spiritually symbolizing perseverance.  I have heard of a few stories where they come across as the trickster character similar to the coyote, who possesses the same characteristics in many ways.  Internet searching can find a few native stories about seagulls.
This is not an animal I work with myself.  I hope this was helpful.

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QUESTION: Thank you! Very interesting....I know that Native Americans believe in a spirit animal, i wonder if this is mine? They made a very interesting formation, twice.

Here is a ritual you can try wherein you can look for seagulls and try to communicate.  Be open to seeing and communicating with other creatures as well in case the gulls are not what you are supposed to be looking for.

The Inner Altar
We should all have an altar of some kind in our living space on this physical plane.  But we should all have an altar in the metaphysical plane also.  
STEP 1: Do a ritual meditation.  In your mind see the most beautiful and perfect place.  This is different for everyone.  Some like the beach, some the mountains, some a forest, a desert, mine is a meadow...
Establish this place well in your mind.  See the colors, smell the air, hear the birds and the wind.  BE in this place. Just this part may take more than one meditation ritual.
STEP 2: Once your personal plane is well established we will build an altar there.  Once again, it is what you like.  I gathered rocks and built an altar.  There may be a tree stump, or a flat rock, a ledge on a cliff face, a stone table...YOU build it or find it and clean it up.
STEP 3: Turn this spot into a spiritual altar.  Gather symbols of earth, air, fire, and water that are in your space - or bring them with you when you come there.  Candles, bowls, bells.  Gather herbs to burn.  Do all the things we usually do to collect our altar supplies.
You may find it helpful to build a hut or cabinet to store things in.
STEP 4: Begin to ritual in here.  Remember - this is a metaphysical plane.  You can have tea with a Goddess, talk to the animals, dance with fairies, ask a dragon for a scale...
One ritual I love is to call on the Lady Epona.  She can come and carry you on journeys to find what you need to find.  
This is a good place to build a stone year wheel.  It is a good place to grow a garden full of herbs you can't find in your area.
Maintain this place.  Go here on a regular basis.  The possibilities are endless.

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