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Hello Labyrinth!

I did your unbinding love spell which I found here on the website. This is what happened: The pins fell but remained stuck to the candle and then encased in it by melting wax! Is this ok?

I know you said on so many posts to NEVER doubt if the spell worked. But, here the result is that the pins did not really fall away from the candle. So, what does this mean?


Pins often get stuck in the wax.  It's just gravity.  Unless you use a drip-less candle which does not run, this happens.  You can choose to use drip-less candles if you want to.  Read your spells carefully first.  For this one it works well, but some spells call for you to 'read' the wax after the candle goes out.  You need drippers for that.

Now this spell often has very obvious results.  I don't know you're specific issue so I can't tell you what to look for.  Have FAITH.  If you feel you should do it again with a candle that does not drip - then you should.  But after that - FAITH.  Praying and meditating to the Goddess after the spell is good.  But don't beg for the spell to work.  ASSUME IT HAS.  Pray for peace.  Pray for balance.  Pray for whatever energy you want to surround you.
And visualize - during the spell and during after spell meditation - what your life is now that it WORKED.
For example, when doing spell work for a job, visualize getting up happy and leaving for work, visualize cashing your paycheck, visualize being happy since your future is secure.  Do not visualize going on interviews.

All happiness to you Dana.  Don't hesitate to write.

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