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This is going to be long, I am sorry, I just need to talk to an expert.

Ever since I was a little girl I could see black figures in my house, they just sort of stand there or walk around. Sometimes I see these lights, they used to be striped and colorful (green, red, and blue), varying in size, and would hop around, I'd play with them. Now I see specks, purple and blue ones.

One time, when I was at my friend's house, only her parents were home. It was absolutely quiet. Quite early in the morning too. No TV or radio was on, no one was outside. As we walked down the staircase, I heard a girl's voice say, "Hello?". Startled, I turn to my friend and ask her if she heard it, she said yes.

One time, when I was very little, I was putting away my toys, when suddenly I see this iridescent blue/white/green hand. It's a dismembered hand, the fingers are rather thick, with many rings, and the style of the forearm's sleeve looks rather 16-1700s.

Sometimes I'd find drippings on my wall, I am not sure what they're made of, but they still occur in my room. They look like some dried liquid.

One time, I woke up and I saw an indent slowly forming in my bed beside me.

Sometimes I get sleep paralysis, but it's unlike any I've read about. One form of sleep paralysis I get, is I'll be lying on my bed, and I'll hear all these noises indvidually and all at once (dog barking, tid bits of conversation/thought, sneezing, car horn, typing, music, etc.) all of these noises at once. I can't open my eyes or speak, I can hardly move my fingers.

Another form of sleep paralysis I get is I'll be sitting on my bed, and I'll quickly and suddenly get whisked away into what I feel is reality. They only last about a minute, but once they stop, I get very confused because I thought I was actually living in the dream. When I was especially younger, I had one of those visions where I saw myself float up to the ceiling, I've also looked at myself outside of my body in these "visions".

Sometimes I'd hear someone calling my name.

Quite recently, I heard my friend whisper to me in the middle of the night, she was not at my house. It was in the middle of the night.

I've always had a sensitivity to spirits, I have a strong sense if there's certain things I shouldn't mess with.

These days, when I babysit at my neighbors house (the previous owner's husband committed suicide in there) I can feel strong presences in the bathroom closet, and the study. My head gets all stuffy, I feel a little dizzy, it's quite overwhelming.

I still see those black figure sometimes today, not as frequent as I used to though.

When I first moved away from Washington, my depression became terrible and I had to go to the Psych ward. They had me take many mental health tests. I came up negative for schizophrenia.

There's more, these are all I could remember.

What does this all mean? I've been becoming more curious about going deeper with this, is there anything I can do? Also, what is witchcraft? Can I enhance or do anything with my spiritual experiences? Is there anything I should avoid, or be wary of?

Thank you sooo much by the way!! If you read all of that, you are a trooper!

Hi Lexi!

I am a trooper indeed. ;)

Seeing spirits of any flavor isn't Wotchcraft. It's intuition. Another sense. You can develop and control it with work just like any other skill.

Wotchcraft is a system, not a religion. There are religions, like Wicca for example, that embrace magic, but the system is there to augment a spiritual practice in those religions. Magic is causing change in accordance with your will. Magic isn't good or evil. It just is. It forms to its vessel so to speak like water. You can put water in a champagne flute or a mason jar but it doesn't change the water. Just the shape the water fills. If you want to learn about witchcraft, I'll be happy to send you a list of books. If you want to learn things besides witchcraft that might help you understand it at a later date, I have that too. Just let me know how I can help.  

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