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Hi Labyrinth,

I m just going through unfavourable changes at workplace...A person is hired new n made my boss whereas I ve worked very hard to build this particular department. I understand that this person has got a job due to some influence n bias thoughts that the management has.

I feel I m back stabbed..n that all my hard work is a waste.

What should I do in this I feel like a victim of politics...i don't wanna quit or give up easily as I m a good performer n single handedly built this dept. With hard work n dedication. Someone else seems to enjoy the result of my hard work :-(

I need peace of mind n feeling of justice.. Triumph..vindication . Pls. Advise.

Thanks :-)

This exact scenario is happening where I work!

First - personal power is very important.  Hold yourself with an air of authority.  Be respectful, not insubordinate.  But stand for yourself and others.  Reject negativity.  Hold your aura stiff like a personal shield.  

Then, if you are of the mind to do it, ritual to get rid of this person.  I am looking for a good one right now.  My problem...everyone where I work is Catholic and thinking I am crazy to try and get rid of my boss this way!!  They all think hell will rise up and swallow us or something!

Try and give me some specifics about the boss.  I am actively looking for a solution to this problem here, and I will share it when I get a ritual constructed.

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