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As a child I remember and have a picture of my grandfather with one of his two "pet" crows on his shoulder.  He owned an apple farm and this one crow would sit on his shoulder while my grandfather drove his tractor. The two crows "lived" in a basket nailed to a huge evergreen tree in his front yard. This was about 50 years ago.  My husband passed away about 4 years ago and since then I have had about 10 - 15 birds in my house. The first time this happened the bird (not sure what kind) was in my granddaughter's room who was living with us and very close to my husband at the time of his death.  I had gone back to work for the first week since his passing and my daughter called me to tell me that there was a bird in Abby's room.  They got him out and when I got home I say bird dropping on my husbands urn where the bird had rested for a while.  What is the significance?

Birds are the messengers of the soul.
Crows are highly intelligent and known tricksters.  Spiritual beliefs suggest they do the bidding of spirits.  I would venture to say that your grandfather was naturally in tune with the spiritual world.  I do not have any direct knowledge of course, but it sounds as if the crows may have had a familiar relationship with him; bring him spirit messages, predicting the weather, working as his eyes in places he couldn't be, etc.
Sparrows are known for escorting the souls of the dead to the heavens.  These are the average looking little brown birds in the yard.  You may have spirits hanging about and the birds are attracted to them.
Consider it a blessing as long as the interaction is positive, but of course you don't want your wild birds in the house if you can avoid it!

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