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I've just been reading about Wicca out of pure interest, not as a follower, but merely because I find it fascinating. I suppose calling it a scholarly interest. Let me say that I already know about the common misconceptions and am genuinely curious and am asking with utmost respect, as I don't even know if this is fully answerable.

My question is very specific. What exactly is Wicca's primary focus, in terms of purpose? Let me explain before I get the answer I already know exists. Christianity, for example, puts a very large emphasis on "Our way is correct and is the ONLY way, and it defines God very specifically, as well as his beliefs," whereas a religion such as Buddhism is more about philosophy and outlines to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

I'm not really getting that "This religion is all about God," vibe from Wicca to be honest, but that may be due to its decentralization,  so I thought I'd ask. Is the focus clearly defined, or is this actually up for debate?

Thanks in advance for sating my curiosity, I've dug for an answer to this question for a while.

Hi Troy.

I'll answer your question as best I can.  You'd have dug for quite a while and still probably not found the answer.  Due to the decentralization of Wicca that you mentioned it makes it harder.  There are two more distinct camps in Wicca.  There are the eclectic types that view Wicca as a Choose Your Own Adventure type religion and the Traditionalist (Coven) types.  In this one thing, it is more likely to get them to agree on this one aspect of Faith.  

The central focus in Wicca is the development of Self.  We believe that we journey, sometimes through multiple lives, to make ourselves whole.  Once we reach that state of enlightenment we can journey to the Summerland to reside with the God and Goddess forever.  Yes, the Lord and Lady are a part of our worship and devotional practice, but the roads to that enlightenment are our own.  

This is why Wicca eschews proselytizing.  We don't believe that there is only one way.  Everyone's way is valid.  It's not up to us to judge the way someone completes their journey to the divine. It is up to us to help someone along that path if possible.

I hope that helps clear it up.

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