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Hello! I have a question,so recently I have become friends with some one who is Wiccan and they talk about them and there friends being things like mermaids and wolfs,they had a hard time telling me what I was and they ended up telling me that I am a shapeshifter but I am very confused,is this a real thing that they are talking about? If it is do you know any info on this subject? Thank you very much! (Also I am very new to this and want study Wiccan  more and possibly become Wiccan so if you have any other tips about this whole thing that would be awesome once again thanks :)

You are not a shapeshifter.  Good grief...

Some basics:

One, Wicca is a religion, like being Catholic.  And it is a very young religion having only been recognized in the 1960s.  Wiccans are witchy wanna-bes.  
Those of us born for generations to the Old Ways call ourselves natural spiritualists.
Now, Wiccans, who are people who decided to be witchy so they started reading books, have a lot of crazy stuff in their heads because when they are reading they can't tell what is crazy - like people being shapeshifters - and what is real.  The most important thing about these books is that you will never learn everything you need to know about magick and natural spiritualism from them.  We just can't allow a bunch of high school goths that kind of power.  

Two, there is an up side here.  You can become a natural spiritualist.  Anyone can.  Everyone has some power, though some people have more than others.  It is a matter of learning.  
I do recommend reading all of those crazy books - BUT run the information by a blood witch...PLEASE.  And ask people like me LOTS of questions.  And don't just study I said its new.  Study the Old Ways.  And while you are doing this create a Book of Shadows.  Get a big journal or hard bound sketch pad.  When you find something interesting - meditate about it, try to confirm it by looking it up in other places, ask me or someone like me about it, meditate some more, then if you think it is something you want to keep as part of your own personal spiritual beliefs and traditions - write it in your Book of Shadows.

Required reading for my initiates:
Wicca for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Grandmother of Time by Zsuzsanna Budapest (this woman has a facebook page - her coven practices a faith called Dianic I think, really great lady)
Witchcrafting by Phyllis Currott

Oh, and when working with "real witches" you are required to study for a year and a day and then wait until the next February 2nd - minimum - before being allowed to practice any kind of spell work unsupervised.  

Three, yes spirit animals are real.  But you aren't a spirit animal.  No one can say 'hey, you are a wolf'.  At some point a wolf spirit may have advice or guidance for you but it doesn't make you a wolf.
Do you know how to meditate?  It is a very very important spiritual skill.  As is visualization.  I make my initiates practice and practice.  
It is in meditation that you will usually encounter spirits of most kinds.  During meditation - or dreams for that matter - if an animal comes by, any kind, even frogs, moths, ants, pay attention.  Listen, watch, follow them.  Ask questions, they may talk - or not.  But learn from them.  

Don't fear this process, but don't blindly follow your witchy friends either.
Call me anytime for advise, lessons, explanations,

OH - and Taylor - Welcome home child,

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