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The Stones
The Stones  
I'm new to the Pagan/Wiccan religion, and I've discovered I have a talent for card reading, reading peoples faces/emotions and I'm very perceptive.

I have an interest in learning white magic, healing and defensive things. Another thing I'm very interested in is Usui Reiki, and Astral beings.

I would really like to learn about all of these things and how to use my abilities properly and to the fullest extent to help people!

Also, I have a lot of very unique stones, I would like to know what they are and what they do.

Thank you!


Hello Gavriel,

There is a community called Luna's Grimoire ( and all the information you're looking for is there - they even have a school of magick which is 100% free.

If you have questions, the forum discussion boards are there to help. The experts there will be able to assist you with everything you need; from crystals to spells, meditation, magick and much more.

Love and light to you.  

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