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Rev. Amy Blackthorn Ph.D, DD. HPS, RM,
Someone took a sizable amount of money from my purse. I think I know who it was, but I'm not 100% certain. Is there a procedure or spell I can use to make them feel guilt and come clean? It would be great if they also returned the money! If more details would make this easier to answer I would be happy to supply them in a private correspondence.
Thank you!

There is indeed. You need a 10" fashion doll. (They're cheap 'Barbie' knockoffs you can buy in a dollar store.

Write on the stomach "Purse money thief" or a similar descriptor.

Cover the thing in peanut butter.  Then roll in birdseed. Hang it up in a tree to be a lovely treat for your local bird population.

The pecking of the birds will pick their conscious until they repay the debt and come clean.

I got that spell from Dorothy Morrison a million years ago. It works.  

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